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Phil Marso has never offered to switch off his Smartphone during World Days without Cell Phone & Smartphone (*). This annual meeting is a pretext for a reflective debate around this communication tool. However, you can do an addiction test: cut 1 hour, 3 hours, 12 hours or more, it's up to you.

On the occasion of the 21st edition, Phil Marso changes the title to “World Days without Smartphone” in order to be in step with mobile phone innovations. since 2001.


The writer Phil Marso, founder and organizer of the World Days without Mobile Phone & Smartphone since February 6, 2001, has chosen, as the theme of this 21st edition, the overconsumption of applications. Downloading them on our own smartphone, to make our daily life easier, doesn't it make us lose our autonomy in the end?

Remember the Orange & Free network failure that occurred for more than 12 hours on July 6, 2012 (France). Users were in panic that they could no longer reach their appointments, for lack of a paper directory, or to be able to navigate using Google Maps, without a "classic" map of the city.

Has the time-consuming era come?

The point is not to denigrate applications which may be useful but oh so time consuming. As soon as you discover a service provider on the internet, he offers to download his application. In the last century, to listen to the FM band, it was enough just to have a radio set. In 2021, every radio station has its app. By relying too much on applications, are we not rather wasting time? Are apps preventing us from thinking for ourselves? On average, a smartphone contains about a hundred applications while the user only uses about thirty.

Energy-intensive: incompatible with the ecological transition?

Applications are energy intensive. They use 77% of the battery on a daily basis. Among the most popular, TikTok drains a battery twice as fast. The social networks Twitter & Facebook and the Opera, Google, Samsung Browser browsers are not left out. (Source: Greenspector, May 2019.)

The apps: Big Brother puppets?

Applications are often free with the risk of exploiting your data and tracking you every day. Unlike Georges Orwell's 1984 science fiction novel, which described human beings in the grip of a totalitarian regime in the name of Big Brother, today we are willingly complicit in it.
Limiting apps on a smartphone is breaking a few strings as a Big Brother puppet.

A conference-debate, organized with a personality bringing his expertise, is in the planning. The entrance will be open to the public free of charge. Its date will be fixed soon, according to the provisions relating to the health crisis.

Phil Marso - November 27, 2020

* Formerly World Days without Mobile Phone & Smartphone

Phil Marso a lancé le magazine Adikphonia en août 2020 pour prolonger ce rendez-vous annuel.

Une affiche pour illustrer cette 21e édition est téléchargeable gratuitement sur le site officiel : Mobilou.info.



Phil Marso met à disposition 50 questions pour avoir ce débat de réflexion avec les élèves des établissements scolaires (Collège, Lycée)


Le site officiel : Mobilou.info.  Le site officiel va être relooké d'ici fin décembre avec une nouvelle adresse internet.

Contact presse : 01 45 88 48 34 ou 06 10 07 73 38 - Pour toute demande d'interview veuillez nous contacter par e.mail : philmarso@gmail.com . Il y a possibilité de faire l'interview par Skype, notamment pour les médias à l'étranger.

Phil Marso - 27 novembre 2020

Le 17 octobre 2019 le polar humoristique « Tueur de Portable sans Mobile Apparent » (Ed Megacom-ik) qui est à l'origine du lancement de la Journée Mondiale sans téléphone portable (6 février 2001) est réédité pour fêter son 20ème anniversaire.

20 ans plus tard, « Tueur de portable sans mobile apparent » résonne comme un roman d’anticipation révélateur, sur bien des aspects, que le lecteur découvrira au fil de l’enquête. C'est aussi le roman dès 1999 qui évoquait pour la première fois le téléphone portable dans un récit.

Les associations qui souhaitent organiser une "signature /dédicace" autour de cet ouvrage peuvent se manifester. Une partie des recettes seront reversées à l'association organisatrice.

Écouter Phil Marso sur France Bleu Gironde  (10/10/19)

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